The Trusting Heart

The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need. [Psalm 23:1 NLT]

I love this psalm. I gave a Sunday morning talk about it a few years ago. The word 'trust' seems to bleed through every word in Psalm 23. It reminds me of Tony Snow. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 and died in 2008. Here are the words that he wrote about the experience in 2007.
Picture yourself in a hospital bed. The fog of anesthesia has begun to wear away. A doctor stands at your feet; a loved one holds your hand at the side. "It's cancer," the healer announces. The natural reaction is to turn to God and ask him to serve as a cosmic Santa. "Dear God, make it all go away. Make everything simpler." But another voice whispers: "You have been called." -Christianity Today, July 2007
We have been called to trust the Lord with all of our hearts. When cancer strikes our bodies. When people let us down. When life is out of control and simply does not make sense we are called to trust in our Shepherd. In truth we need trust God with our heart only when our brain is not in control.

Dear Shepherd of our souls. Our lives are in your hands. Help us to trust in you.

... this devotion is part of a series about King David.

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