no food poisoning in heaven

These gifts and sacrifices deal only with regulations for the body—food and drink and various kinds of ritual cleansings necessary until the time comes to make things truly right. [Hebrews 9:10 VOICE]

Humanity has learned much about sickness, diet and environment since the times of Moses. Diseases like trichinosis and salmonella arise when meat is not properly prepared. In that respect health codes have always been needed to protect the consumer of such foods.

These regulations will be needed as long as our food is of this earth. Yet we err if we believe that these rules, like the forbidding of eating pork products, have anything to do spirituality. Despite what Moses wrote, one can eat bacon or pork ribs and not suffer spiritually.

That said, I believe that there will be a time when food will not make us sick. There will be no food poisoning in heaven. Things physical and spiritual will be made right. Love will rule that day and every tear will be dried. The former things will have passed away and the new will come.

Blessed be you Lord Jesus Christ. You are working everything for our good.

... this devotion is part of a series from the book of Hebrews.

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