going and knowing

They called out, saying, “What do You want of us, You Son of God? Have You come here to make us suffer before it is our time to suffer?” ... Jesus said to the demons, “Go!” [Matthew 8:29,32 NLV]

Do you find it interesting that demonized men recognized Jesus as the Son of God?
Sad that so many religious people, back then and even today, do not?
Perhaps this kind of understanding can only come through spiritual eyes and ears?

Jesus once said this to Peter:
"My Father in heaven, God himself, let you in on this secret of who I really am."
In reality no one can recognize Jesus as the Son of God unless God initiates.
These demons seemed to kow about Jesus but were blind to who he really was.
I find this to be true of many - they know about him but do not seem to know him.

The simplicity of Jesus' reaction to the demons is mind boggling.
No shouting. No theatrics. One word. Go.
He did not need say anymore because of who is is.

A few years ago a man came asking for money as we were sharing some pie with friends.
My friend Bruce and I took him aside, talked with him and Bruce prayed.
As he prayed I sensed something evil and responded by simply praying "go in Jesus name".

As I placed my hand on his forehead the man shook and I knew that something spiritual happened.
It was a reminder to me that people are being influenced by unseen forces.
And sometimes, we simply need to respond in simplicity with a single word - go.

Help me Lord to remember that greater is He that is in me that he that is in the world.

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  1. That perception is a gift. I wonder, was it the demon possessed men who recognized Jesus, the demons, or both? Either way, it is an amazing encounter.

    I find it interesting that Jesus granted their request at all. Some questions may never be answered.


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