reader vs author

With that Jesus finished His teaching, and the crowds were amazed by all He had said. But Jesus taught in His own name, on His own authority, not like the scribes. [Matthew 7:28-29 VOICE]

I love the way that the Voice renders these verses.
Jesus' teaching was not different because of style or even substance.
He commanded their attention because of who he was.

The scribes, interpreters of the law, could only cast their spin on the old testament.
Jesus could go deeper by explaining the purpose and the intent of the law.
Scribes only knew what it said but Christ knew why it was said.

I liken the comparison to the difference between a reader and an author.
One who reads is limited by the context presented in the pages of the book.
The author can tell you the what and the why of their communication.

I believe that is what the crowds heard as Jesus spoke.
They were amazed that he was unafraid to correct religious misunderstandings.
His wisdom was that of the author of the scriptures that they held so dear.

This is the reason that we must see the scriptures through the lens of Christ.
To know truth we must first let go of the teachings and spin of our favorite teachers.
We must allow ourselves to be amazed by the divine author of everything good.

Lord. Open the eyes and ears of my heart that I might be amazed by your teaching.

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