pain magnets

He did these things to bring about what Isaiah the prophet had said: “He took our suffering on him and carried our diseases.” [Matthew 8:17 NCV]

I think that pain is the a common denominator in suffering and diseases.
Sometimes suffering is the result diseases but often it is not.
Many times pain comes when we suffer from things not related to sickness.

In the preceding verses, Matthew tells us of Jesus dealing with demons and sickness.
I think of sickness representing 'seen' illness and demons the 'unseen' aspects.
It is amazing how much of our pain is unseen by many - until it is.

I love how the verse uses words like 'took' and 'carried' to describe Christ's role.
It reminds me that, in prayer, I can release my pain to God.
As I do, the promise is that Jesus will take it and carry my pain.

For sure, there is something therapeutic about releasing the things that cause us to suffer.
Counselors and friends are often the agents that God uses in the process.
In that sense, God has called them to be magnets who draw out our pain.

In that way they are the Body of Christ Jesus - helping us to release our pain.
These minister to us by taking on our suffering and carrying us through difficulty.
And in the process Jesus takes on our pain and healing comes.

Lord help me to be like a magnet that draws out pain and helps people to heal.

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