An Angelic Warning

Lee Grady wrote an interesting article titled Angels, Deception and a Cry for Biblical Truth. It is a good article and a warning to us all about how we can become fixated on the supernatural aspects of faith.. I recommend it to you. Following are a few excerpts from Lee's article:

Weird teachings about angels have become the norm in some charismatic circles today. It’s time to demand sanity on the subject.
When I look at what the New Testament teaches us about angels, and specifically what the book of Acts shows us about them, here’s what I find:
  • Angels who looked like men told the early disciples that Jesus would return one day (see Acts 1:11)
  • Angels are actively working behind the scenes to minister to the saints, especially to offer protection (see Acts 12:7-11)
  • In one case an angel directed Philip where to preach (see Acts 8:26)
  • Angels sometimes appeared in visions to give instructions, as one did for Cornelius (see Acts 10:3,7,22)
  • An angel came to Paul to strengthen him and to assure him that he would preach to Caesar (see Acts 27:23-24).
If we look at Paul’s epistles, we find only a few references to angels—and most are actually warnings to the early church about a wrong emphasis on angels:
  • Paul warned the Galatians that false angels can bring deception (see Gal. 1:8)
  • Paul warned the Corinthians about "angels of light" that are messengers of Satan (see 2 Cor. 11:14)
  • Paul warned the Colossians about misguided people who worship angels and deceive people with their emphasis on mystical experiences that are rooted in their hyperinflated egos (see Col. 2:18).
...There are many flaky, weird and foolish concepts being circulated in our movement today that must be corrected. If we don't hold tightly to Scripture, we might unknowingly give birth to a cult that could bring great damage and division to churches worldwide. It’s time to get back to the Bible!


  1. A good warning, Bob. I collect Angels, but it's like collecting coffee mugs or anything else one would like and collect. I certainly don't worship them or hold them as idols.

    I do believe in Angels and believe we have them all around us if God would permit us to see them.

    Thanks for your comments on my Editorial. I think MANY of us will vote for McCain but wish we had a better choice. One thing for sure.....God is in control. The Bible is clear about him setting up and removing the "kings and rulers".

    I also believe we are very close to Christ's return.

  2. Amen Susan.. Maranatha.. come Lord Jesus!

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us Bob.
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. There are definitely angels among us; I've experienced them, but never felt compelled to worship them. Gratitude for the role they play might be a better word.


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