Psalm 3 Sung

This video reminded me of the days in the late 70s when we sang the scriptures in church.. this was always one of my favorites.


  1. Bob, this is a favorite of mine, too. I have it on my iPod, an album that I converted from a vinyl onto a CD a number of years ago.

    I miss the singing of Psalms and other Scriptures. I wish some young composers and singers would bring some of that back.


  2. I agree Robin.. I loved singing along with the Hosanna/Integrity tapes but I think that they eventually transitioned away from the singing of scripture. I'd also like to see some of the new psalmists bring that back.. I learned so much scripture by just singing it.

  3. This is so refreshing to hear. I learned a lot of scripture this way also. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Bob, I just tagged you for a Meme!!


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