Thankful for Ann

My wife Ann is the most amazing person that I know. She possesses an inner (and outer) beauty and strength that I greatly admire. She continues to persevere in faith in the most difficult of times. I love her and give thanks to God for her on this first day of November - the month of Thanksgiving!


  1. I will join you today in giving thanks for a new grandchild. Our daughter was in a terrible accident when she was 18 and never thought she'd be able to have children. Well God had a better idea...and at 42 she has brought a beautiful baby boy Tristan into the world. A gift from the Lord, and a blessing to us. I will be leaving Tuesday to fly to Oregon to spend a week with them. He'll be 5 months, and I haven't seen him since he was born. I'm giving thanks.

  2. What a great idea, Bob. I'm thankful that my hubby took me out to dinner last night. Our oldest daughter is now of age to babysit, so she is thankful for the extra cash that goes with the job:)

  3. Lovely tribute to your lovely wife.


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