Thankful for Communion

“Eating, and hospitality in general, is a communion, and any meal worth attending by yourself is improved by the multiples of those with whom it is shared.” -Jesse Browner

Today people all across America will sit down and share a meal together. Some will say a prayer of thanks before they eat. I love this image of family and friends communing together. It reminds me of that last supper that Jesus shared with his friends. I give thanks to God, for a day that is dedicated to the breaking of bread and the giving of thanks, on this twenty-eighth day of November - the month of Thanksgiving!


  1. Yes, that was the picture with our family today. Our grandson Nick (14) led us in the blessing. And Sunday, our Pastor is out of town, and ask Don to give the communion meditation and serve communion. My favorite Sunday, is Communion Sunday.

    1. Thanks Wanda. I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

  2. There is something very special about "breaking bread together" with friends and family.


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