Steadfast in your Faith

Discipline yourselves, keep alert. Like a roaring lion your adversary the devil prowls around, looking for someone to devour. Resist him, steadfast in your faith, for you know that your brothers and sisters in all the world are undergoing the same kinds of suffering. [1Peter 5:8-9 NRSV]

Peter reminds us in these verses that life is a spiritual battle. We have a spiritual enemy that wars against us seeking to destroy our faith in the love and goodness of God. This enemy whispers to us when we suffer. He questions and casts dispersion on the character of the Lord. Our response is to resist him in faith.

I relate to these sorts of temptations. We are open to these kinds of suggestions when we suffer and are in pain. In reality, if someone can convince you that God is the source of your pain then the battle is mostly won. It is why we must resist such accusations. It is why we must steadfastly believe that God is good and loving.

Help my suffering brothers and sisters in the world to remain steadfast in believing you are good and loving.

... this devotion is part of an ongoing series on the epistles of Peter.

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