The Ridiculousness of the Heart

Don’t be ridiculous—you can’t fight the Philistine. You’re only a youth, and he has been a warrior since his childhood. You lack age and experience. [1Samuel 17:33 VOICE]

Age. Experience. These are the qualities that the brain values. These are the things that managers look for in professional resumes. Yet these are not the things that make great leaders. Or soldiers. Or software designers. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did not change the world because of age and experience.

These two titans of computer engineering changed the world because they had what David had. They had heart. They had passion. Like David they embraced courage and believed that giants, like IBM, would fall before their passion. Such is the example we have in David. He had a ridiculous heart.

I want to have a ridiculous heart Lord. I want to see the possibilities. I want to defeat giants.

... this devotion is part of a series about King David.

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