Where Justice Reigns

What will happen next, and what we hope for, is what God promised: a new heaven and a new earth where justice reigns. [2Peter 3:13 VOICE]

The Greek word, dikaiosynē, is translated here as justice but in other translations it is rendered as righteousness. That is understandable as as righteousness can be defined as "God's judicial approval". I love the idea that divine righteousness, or doing the right thing, is centered in divine justice.

When I think about justice reigning in heaven I think not about human justice. This flavor of justice too often looks more like retribution (i.e. an eye for an eye) than reconciliation and rehabilitation. When I think about the reign of heavenly justice I imagine a place that is filled with divine reconciliation.

Teach us Lord to pray for heavenly justice. As it is in heaven please let it be done on earth.

... this devotion is part of an ongoing series on the epistles of Peter.

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