Work Hard to Live in Peace

So, my friends, while we wait for the day of the Lord, work hard to live in peace, without flaw or blemish; and look at the patience of the Lord as your salvation. [2Peter 3:14-15a VOICE]

The words, "work hard to live in peace", speak deeply to me of what it means to walk in the Spirit. It is so difficult to experience peace on the outside when we are internally bereft of it. Yet this peace is so important for anyone who desires to follow the way of Christ. It is why we must work hard for it.

When I think of working hard for something I think of the word discipline. A disciple is one who patiently trains to achieve their goal. They exercise. They build up their muscles. The have a training regimen. Such it is for those who work hard for peace. One step at a time these do the things that make for peace.

Help me to embrace the discipline of peace Lord.

... this devotion is part of an ongoing series on the epistles of Peter.

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