The Generous Heart

I will not make an offering to the Eternal One, my True God, that has cost me nothing. [2 Samuel 24:24]

There is an old joke about the chicken and the pig discussing the idea of breakfast. The pig says to the hen that her contribution is but a mere offering while his will cost him all that he has. So it is with many of us. We are not disturbed by the idea of making a donation if it really does not cost us anything.

I think that the difference in the way we give is whether we do it with our head or our heart. The head calculates percentages. It measures the worthiness of the recipient. The heart on the other hand is generous. It embraces grace and mercy. It gives what costs them something. Sometimes everything.

Help me Lord to say with David that I will not give an offering that has cost me nothing.

... this devotion is part of a series about King David.

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