trusting in God's love

I trust in your love. [Psalm 13:5 NCV]

Sometimes the only thing that has gotten me though life is the belief that God loves me. When my wife had a heart attack at age 39 all I seemed to have was the love of God. This love often showed up in the actions of family and friends. When she died four years later I chose to trust in God's love.

Trusting that God loves us can be most difficult when times are hard and life seems so dark. It is even more difficult if one believes that God causes or allows such times of. We can become angry and bitter at the Lord. We can react in such a way that rejects the love of God instead of embracing it.

Yet who would not blame God for their pain if they have been taught that God micromanages their life events? It is why it is so important to understand that God is not the one who allows your pain but is the one who walks through it with you. He weeps with you. You can trust in his unconditional love.

I trust in your unconditional love Lord. Nothing can separate me from your love.

... this devotion is part of a series about King David.

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