The Passionate Heart

May He grant you your heart’s desire and fulfill all your counsel! [Psalm 20:4 NASB]

Have you ever heard this verse used to teach about how followers of Christ need to develop the desires of God's heart? I have and wonder if that teaching is a bit too narrow. As I read this verse the words passion and purpose come to my mind. One translation even uses purpose instead of counsel.

Passion is a difficult word for some of us because we see it as something descriptive of youthful and worldly emotions. The idea of God wanting us to be passionate is a bit out of our comfort zone. Especially if our deepest passions have been buried under the weight of worldly cares for many years. On the flipside there are those who have a narrow view of what it means to be passionate for Jesus.

In light of this, I submit to you that that your new heart is unique. One of a kind. Your passionate heart is filled with counsel and purpose unique to you. Listening to the still small voice of your passionate heart will bring you to a place of blessing that will fulfill you in ways unique to who God made you to be.

Thank you Lord for giving a new heart that is unique in all of the world.

... this devotion is part of a series about King David.


  1. Amen, Bob.
    I pray that my "new heart" will be passionate for the things of God and I like that it (heart) will be unique in all the world. I desire to know what my Uniqueness really is.


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