The Spirit speaks within Me

The Spirit of the Lord speaks within me; his word is on my tongue! [2 Samuel 23:2 ISV]

Much turmoil has happened since David sinned with Bathsheba. David's family has come apart. His son Absalom revolted against David and is now dead. David has returned to his throne. He takes time to reflect on his life. He remembers how God has protected him. And how He has spoken within his heart.

It speaks to me about how in the toughest of times God is with us. Speaking to us in words and feelings of our heart. The truth is that we most need to hear His still small voice when we are despondent. When we are hopeless. Such words and feelings evidence his presence with us. And it is enough.

Help me Holy Spirit to sense your presence and to hear your words within my heart.

... this devotion is part of a series about King David.

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