I am a laughingstock to my friends.

I am a laughingstock to my friends; I, who called to God and he answered me, a just and blameless man, am a laughingstock. (Job 12:4 ESV)

Here is Job, seemingly stuck in grief, yet ever so mindful of a second phenomenon – people are watching, whispering and wondering if Job’s God will vindicate him. The stress of this phenomenon weighs heavy upon Job. As a leader he was very visible – he had a place of honor in the market square. But now calamity has struck and whispering has begun – everyone that once honored and respected him is now calling his character into question.

These whisperers believe that Job must have committed a serious sin to receive such "discipline" from God. When Job needed to feel a sense of support the most, all he could feel was a sense of finger pointing. Why is it that people run to judgement? What is it in each of us that rejoices when calamity strikes another? Why is it that people who are victims themselves are blamed for events and acts that they have no control over and that they do not understand?

Forgive us Lord for the many ways that we whisper, gossip and point fingers at people who are victims.


  1. I believe one reason we vilify victims is as a form of self protection. We want to believe such things do not happen except to those people worse than us who deserve it and therefore we are safe. When something happens to contradict this we can than try to justify this false belief by slandering the victim.


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