Why are we stupid in your sight?

Why are we stupid in your sight? (Job 18:3 ESV)

In what seems to be an utter frustration, Bildad the Shuhite speaks these words in response to Job's last troubling discourse. He has heard his friend call him names and tell him that he is a miserable comforter. Bildad is at his wits end with the man covered in boils. It makes you wonder why Bildad and his buddies came to see Job in the first place. I wonder what they expected. Perhaps they thought that Job's loss would not have affected him this deeply?

Talking to a person that is grieving a great loss can be a very awkward task because each of us grieves so differently. I especially found that to be true with teens and children. And sometimes it is difficult because we are grieving as well. Yet it is so important to simply acknowledge the loss that our friend or loved one has suffered, and express our sadness or sorrow at the pain that they are going through. Simply being there for them is such a gift.

Help us Lord to be there when those close to us are in pain. Give us encouraging words to say.


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  2. Sorry I deleted the comment because it came up twice.
    Now I see they are both gone.
    I feel that touch and the mere presence of friends can be the most healing thing.
    Words can be like a vapor and just disappear.
    I pray I can be a gift for someone and that in my pain and grief others will do the same.


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