Look at me and be appalled ...

Look at me and be appalled, and lay your hand over your mouth. When I remember, I am dismayed, and shuddering seizes my flesh. Why do the wicked live, reach old age, and grow mighty in power? (Job 21:5-7 ESV)

Zophar the Naamathite has just unleashed a diatribe in which he insinuates that Job is evil. His attack was brutal and now Job, in these verses above, tries to respond to his accusations. What do you do when you are called evil by a so-called friend? And how is it that such an accusation has only surfaced when something so horrible has happened to him? In times of grief intense emotions can emerge. Things hidden deep within can come to bear in such ugly ways.

The painful boils are one thing for Job to deal with but every now and then he is reminded of his appalling appearance. And when he gazes at his reflection he shudders and wonders why the wicked seem to be treated better. When we suffer (or are suffering) great loss our mind goes to dark places and the fairness (or unfairness) of life enters our thinking. In times like these it is so easy to be angry with God - even if we do not blame him for our pain.

Please, dear Lord Jesus, bring healing ministry to those who are grieving and hurt so much.

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